Waldlaufer shoes have been made by a family owned company called Lugina Schufabrik for over 50 years  – based in Schwanheim, Germany – the traditional shoe making area of Germany. The son of the owner has come into the business so the business remains in the same family for another generation and we are optimistic about the future. 

Lugina design and manufacture in Germany and also manufacture in a number of dedicated factories in other European countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic. All Waldlaufer shoes come to you via the Schwanheim factory where quality control is ensured. They now make over 3 million pairs a year.

Environmentally Friendly:

Waldlaufer shoes are designed and produced in an environmentally responsible way with minimal plastic – they are packaged and delivered in cardboard and the Schwanheim factory even runs on solar energy. All materials and leathers are ethically sourced.

The SS19 range is the most fashionable they have ever offered and expect this trend to continue – comfort does not have to be dull – and it isn’t only older customers who have wider feet. This is part of the reason Waldaufer were awarded FIA ‘Comfort Brand of the Year’ in 2018 at the MODA show.

Key Features:

Key features of Waldlaufer shoes, boots and sandals:

Fitting / sizing:

Waldlaufer is a leading comfort brand and offers four European width fittings:

  • G width is used on some sandals and is equivalent to D+
  • H width is available on sandals, boots and shoes and is equivalent to E
  • K width is available on sandals, boots and shoes and is equivalent to EE
  • M width is available on sandals, boots and shoes and is equivalent to EEE

Width Fitting:

You can tell the width fitting in several ways – it’s printed on the insole – it’s also indicated by the name if the shoe which begins with the correct letter – so Henni is a H fit and Kya is a K-fiFull and half sizes in both men’s and women’s ranges – typically from size 3 or 3.5 to 8 in women’s – although a number of styles are offered from 2.5 and up to size 11

Shoe Features:

  • All shoes, boots and sandals have a removeable insole and are finished under the insole – in theory this means they will all fit an orthotic although the best fitting of an orthotic in a sandal is using a back in sandal such as the Hilena sandal. Some orthotics will require trimming to fit snugly into the toe area of a sandal. True fitting of a partial orthotic would require the cutting of the insole provided with the sandal.
  • Most of the shoes, boots and sandals are 100% leather upper and 100% leather lined – with soft calf leather used in the heel cup. Most insoles are also finished in leather.
  • Some of the Waldaufer range of shoes – particularly in the Orthotritt range – feature a stretch upper for better fitting on problem feet (although they also sell to people without problem feet). In order to achieve the stretch required these styles will only be partially leather lined (the leather doesn’t stretch and spring back in the same way as the synthetic materials used to achieve stretch.)
  • If a shoe insole says Dynamic it is from the rocker sole range.
  • Some insoles say Proactive – this just means the insole is textured to massage the foot – the popular Henni range of shoes feature this insole.
  • Waldlaufer make waterproof shoes and boots – it will say Waldlaufer TEX on the outside of the item and you will see a grey fabric backed material inside which is the breathable membrane lining.
  • Some of the Waldaufer boots are either wool or lamb’s-skin lined – for warmth.

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