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Padders are specialists in men’s and women’s comfort footwear, designing and creating shoes for over 100 years!

This long established brand developed a range of shoes, ideal for those who experience problems with their feet or are suffering from the effects of diabetes. Over-sensitivity or lack of circulation can both be symptoms of diabetes, altering the way you wear shoes and the shoes you can comfortably wear.

Padders create shoes that can ease the discomfort associated a variety of painful medical conditions.

This premium brand produce quality shoes with soft leather uppers providing ultimate comfort for a variety of foot conditions.   Every shoe is made with a very well cushioned insole again helping to alleviate problems some can experience on a daily basis.

Investment in technology and innovation has strengthened the brand and helped it become a leading player in the area of problem feet today.

Wearing a Padders shoe is the right choice for those with problem feet including:

  • hammer toe, 
  • plantar facilitis, 
  • bunnions, 
  • sensitive feet, 
  • people who are on their feet all day working long hours

Feel Good Feet

What makes Padders’ shoes so comfortable?

It’s all about feelgoodfeet™, Padders’ own unique system of design and manufacture producing exceptionally comfortable and supportive footwear.

Features of a Padders Shoe include:

  • Leather Uppers
  • Cushioned Lightweight Insole
  • Removeable Insoles for a better fit all round fit
  • Removable Insoles to allow for addition of orthotics
  • Dual Fitting 

Dual Fitting allows for transformation to a wider fitting shoe. Simply remove the footbed to convert to the wider fit option. Removing the footbed also gives more depth, making dual fit footwear ideal if using orthotics or Padders range of Padotics.

The width fitting size range includes:

  • EE-2E (Regular)
  • 2E – 3E (Wide Fit)
  • 3E – 4E (Wide Fit)
  • 6E+ (Extra Wide Fit)

Graceful Navy Wide Fitting Shoe
Padders Feel Good Feet

Padders Plus Logo

The Padders brand also consists of a large collection of extra wide fit shoes for both men and women.

The Padders Plus+ range offers the ultimate choice in adjustable comfort.

This carefully designed footwear collection, branded as Padders Plus+, is to cater for those needing extra flexibility when choosing their footwear. 

The generous fittings and removable second insoles of these shoes make use of the dual-fit system, allowing for the insertion of specialist Insoles where required for added support when on your feet.

The Padders Plus+ collection features a range of footwear to suit every occasion including outdoor shoes, slippers and sandals for both men and women. 

Removable insoles can provide extra width and depth or can be replaced with orthotics such as the Padders range of Padotics.

This premium collection of footwear, recommended by footwear consultants, takes comfort to a new level.


The Padders Vision…..

Founded in 1914 by the present owners grandfather Thomas Groocock, Padders is still a family owned and run business with the same values and standards that the Padders’ brand is famous for.

Inspired by the values and standards established in 1914, the Padder’s Vision is to produce high quality leather shoes that don’t compromise comfort for style.