Raquel Perez

Raquel Perez Shoes

The Raquel Perez shoe range comes from a famous shoe region in Spain and is all about casual comfortable style!  The brand has been manufacturing women’s handmade quality footwear for over 20 years.

The selection that we are stocking includes bright, fashionable styles with wedge and platform soles providing that extra bit of height without compromising on comfort for your feet.

Shoe Making Tradition

All Raquel Perez shoes are designed using soft comfortable sole and leather materials.  This established brand in the Spanish industry, long associated with a strong shoemaking tradition, represents a step forward in avant-garde design, experimentation with the latest materials and current international current trends in fashion footwear. 

Comfortable and beautiful all day

When choosing the right pair of shoes, there are several important factors to consider with two being of utmost importance and these are design and comfort.  The latter is essential, especially if you have a long day ahead …..

Features of the range include:

  • Flexible soles that cushion the impact of walking, 
  • heels that adapt to each last,
  • lightweight women’s shoes for comfortable enjoyable walking and
  • All round great everyday walking comfort 

All in all, wearing a pair or Raquel Perez shoes is sure to brighten your day!

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